The Awakening of An Angel Volume 1

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I have been guided to release onto the web my first two volumes, which I originally printed 25 years ago.  When I first decided to record my classes, it wasn’t for the purposes of giving the world an adventure book, but a FREE text book for everyone including my students, so that they could use the recorded material to run their own development classes.

 If you wish to make copies of the volumes and meditation blogs, to use or post on your own or organisation website, you have permission, just as the “Independent Spiritualists of America” posted volume 1 and my meditations blog on two of their websites, as recommended reading for their chain of Spiritualist church followers.

I posted copies of the last chapters of both volumes, to be used as meditation and exercise manuals that can be printed, both in black and white and the original colour version, in case you only have a black and white printer.

I advise you to read the first page before you decide to print on two sides of any sheet of paper, as if a meditation takes up two pages I have arranged the meditation or exercise to be read out loud to your student’s, without the need to turn a page, but if you print them out of sequence, you may find you have to turn the page of quite a few meditations to finish reading them.

For the release of volumes 3 and 4, I will let you know here the website title. And when I will start releasing them, then go to this second back-up website

     If any reader wants to write me a letter which they state that they would like me to post on this second website, for other readers to read, I would also use this website for this purpose, and answer any questions not covered by my first two volumes, they may have, if I have the time to answer them, if there are not too many. Here is my current address.


Raymond. W. Shore / lot 29 / Sydney Hills Holiday Park /

269 New Line Road / Dural / NSW 2158 / AUSTRALIA

At the release of volume one, I have released on this website approximately 1700 mailing addresses, in mostly alphabetical form, where I  mailed a complete free copy of the first volume on a disc. 6 months prior to creating this website.

    If any reader is eager and wants to pursue development or classes in this field, you shouldn’t have too far to travel to one of these centres, where they can also explain more about the purpose of the first volume, if you have any questions, as they have had the full volume to read six months before I released these addresses.

     Please ask nicely because they don’t work for me. This was the easiest way to distribute the discs around the world, so that a free copy would be available, and also to guide you to these centres, listed on this page, as they are in a way connected with my books.

See Addresses in the right hand column.





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